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Loop Subscriptions [Zipify Pages]

Learn how to add a Loop Subscriptions widget in your buy boxes!

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Subscription services are a huge part of daily life and recently, subscriptions have become one of the fastest-growing categories in eCommerce. Repeat customers are 50% more likely to make another purchase than new customers, and they spend 33% more on average!

With the Loop Subscriptions integration available in the Elements popup, you can easily add their subscription widget to your Buy Boxes on all page types available in Zipify Pages:

​To do this, you'll first need to meet the following conditions:

  • Ensure the Loop Subscriptions app is installed to your Theme and their subscription widget is active.

  • Create a subscription selling plan in the Loop Subscriptions app and select the product you want to use for your subscription offer. More Details

  • Add a "Product" section to your Zipify Page and assign the same product you just created a subscription plan for. More Details

Adding the Loop Subscription Widget

Once you have met the conditions above, please proceed with the following steps:

  1. In a "Product" section, click on an element where you want to add the subscription widget.

  2. Click the the blue + sign above/below the element selected, depending on where you want the widget added.

  3. In the Elements popup, click into the "Integrations" tab and select "Loop".

  4. Publish or Update the page if it is already published.

Once these steps are completed, check the published page to ensure that the widget is rendering correctly:

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