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HTML block

The HTML block allows you to paste any custom HTML code directly into a specific section of your ZP page. The following can be inserted into this block: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

Use it to add things like: 

  • CRM/ESP optin forms

  • Google Maps

  • Survey Monkey Survey

  • Contest

  • Instagram feeds

  • Soundcloud music 

  • Shopify Buy Button

  • Videos which aren't supported by our Video Blocks

  • 3rd Party App widgets/forms...And more!

In order to add it into your page, just select it from the "Misc" section of the page blocks library:

NOTE: The content of this block will only appear on the published page, but not in the page editor or preview mode:

There’s no need to use following tags within this block since everything will work correctly without them:

<!DOCTYPE html>

*Use the HTML block at your own discretion. Due to the almost endless codes and scripts that can be added to this block, we do not provide support, troubleshooting or take responsibility for the code(s) you add to your page(s) using this block.

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