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Learn how to use and work with the BOOM Store Header section, inspired by!

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The "BOOM Store Header" section is a simple and clean header inspired by the store. It consists of an image element (1), a navigation element (2) (including nested menus) and an icons section (3). This header section will also be updated from time-to-time to have it be the same as the original BOOM store's header!

Like all sections, the styles for it can be edited independently on Desktop, Tablet and Mobile using the builder modes. This section can be found in the "Headers & Footers" category of the Page Section library:

πŸ“The default image size for the Logo in this section is 345x150 px


The Icons element settings can be accessed by clicking on the element in the builder which opens the sidepanel settings:

πŸ“ The "Bars" icon only appears on Tablet and Mobile devices:

This icon is fixed to the "Toggle Menu" destination which can't be changed. The navigation element and links will automatically collapse into this icon on smaller screens to save space:

Sticky Header

To make the Header section sticky on any device type (Desktop / Tablet / Mobile), click into the Section Appearance settings (1) and select the "Fixed on Screen (Sticky)" option (2) from "Scroll Actions" dropdown in the sidebar:

πŸ“Scroll Actions for the header can be set independently on each device type.

The "Appears on Scroll Up" option is another great header option where the header will disappear once the visitor starts scrolling down the page, but will reappear again as soon as the visitor scrolls up:

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