With Zipify Pages, you can create 2 different page types for your store, depending on your goals and needs. You can also replace your Homepage with a Landing Page via the Homepage Feature.

*With Zipify Pages Plus, you can also create and publish a Shopify Blog page and unlimited Blog Posts to that Blog created in the app.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages (/pages) exist in the Online Store > Pages section of your Shopify admin. Published URLs for these page types have "/pages" included in them I.e.


These page types are not connected to your Shopify Product inventory by default. They also do not re-use any Theme content by default, but there is the option to enable the "Theme header/footer" feature to use your Theme's header and footer on any LP you create an publish in Zipify Pages.

Using a Buy Box block (that is connected to your Product inventory) on a LP is typically how you sell products from Landing Pages built using the Zipify Pages app:

📝Published LPs do not automatically replace your Product pages or content. To use the new LP published in the Zipify Pages app on your storefront, you need to edit your Navigation Menu(s) in Shopify admin to point to the new LP URL so it can be accessed by visitors and customers. Direct linking to the LP in email/social/ad campaigns is another way these page types can be accessed on your store.

Product Pages

Product Pages (/products) exist in the Products section of your Shopify admin, which is where you create new Products and manage existing Products for your store.

Live product page URLs will have "/products" included in them I.e.


In Zipify Pages, you have the option of creating 2 different Product Page layout types for an existing store product. More details here on each Layout option.

  • Option 1 - ZP Layout
    This option allows you to completely replace the default Product Page (/products) content with Zipify Pages Blocks. No section from your Theme is required to be used, although you can enable the "Theme Header/Footer" option if desired, to use your Theme's header and footer for the new layout.

    Note: The "ZP Layout" approach creates a new/separate product.liquid Template file in your Theme for each new product page published using this approach.

  • Option 2 - Shopify Layout
    This option allows you to customize Product Pages (/products) by adding different Zipify Pages blocks into your existing product page layout's structure. Your Theme's Header, Footer and Buy Box section are required to be used.

    Note: The "Shopify Layout" approach re-uses your default product.liquid Template file which was assigned to the particular product at the time you created the new layout in the Zipify Pages app.

📝 Important Notes:

  • Published Product pages automatically replace the existing product page template on your storefront.

  • When you publish a "Product Page" in Zipify Pages, what you're actually doing is publishing a Shopify Product Page Template for the product you've selected.

  • There is no ability to create and/or publish a Product to your Shopify store from the Zipify Pages app, instead Products are created and published in the "Products" section of your Shopify admin.

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