Zipify Pages Editing FAQ [Zipify Pages]
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Can I use Zipify Pages to build my entire store?

Zipify Pages can be used for most pages on your Shopify store except for Collection, Cart, Checkout, and Legal pages.

Can I add a Blog to my store using Zipify Pages?

Yes! Blog post functionality is included in our Starter, Basic and Advanced plans and allows you to create one new Shopify Blog and a number Blog Posts for that new blog, depending on your plan. When you publish a new Blog Post in Zipify Pages, it is automatically assigned to the new Blog you've created in the app.

The blog and blog posts can be built using the same set of awesome page sections available for Landing pages. Product pages and Home Pages!

To learn more about the Blog feature in Zipify Pages, click here.

Can Zipify Pages edit or import pages created in Shopify, my theme or another app?

No, it cannot. Zipify Pages has the ability to import or alter pages created in our app. It cannot change pages included in your theme or pages made by other 3rd-party page building apps.

Is Zipify Pages Mobile and Tablet responsive?

Yes! Your pages created in the app are responsive to the device being used to view them. You can preview how your page will appear on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices by clicking on 👁️ button located at the top-center of the page builder:

You can also edit in Desktop, Tablet and Mobile modes within the page builder using Builder Modes.

Can I use my Theme's Header & Footer?

Yes, you can! Simply enable the Use theme header/footer setting in the page builder, and your theme’s header and footer will be used on the live page! In the page builder you will see the placeholder shown below when the Use theme h/f setting is active:

Does Zipify Pages have a page size limit?

For Landing Pages, Home Pages, Blog Posts and "Full Customization" Product Pages there is around a 256 KB or 280,000 symbols page size limit which is 4X larger than what Shopify normally allows. That is the source code of the page, including all the HTML, CSS and JavaScript that gets added based on the page sections and content you include on your page.

To learn more about the page size limits of Zipify Pages, click here.

Can I undo and redo edits to pages?

Edits to text can be undone by pressing Ctrl + Z/Cmd + Z on your keyboard. Edits to elements, like photos or video cannot be undone, however.

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