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The "Same product as bought" option for pre-purchase offers is a dynamic offer type, which will automatically present the customer with the same product / same variant they've already added to cart.

This is a great option for merchants who want to upsell the same product that has already been added with a discount and do not want to create a separate funnel for every product in the store in order to do that.

Based on the trigger product(s) set for the funnel, OCU tracks what product is placed in the customer cart and offers the same product as an offer. So for every specific cart the offer product will be different.

Trigger Conditions

To use this dynamic upsell option, at least one product-based trigger condition needs to be defined within the upsell funnel. Product-based trigger conditions include:

  • Product

  • Product variant

  • Collection

  • Any product

If the funnel uses the "Same product as bought" pre-purchase offer type, but doesn't use a product-based trigger condition, the funnel won't be able to be published:

If the product-based trigger condition is added initially, but attempted to be changed afterwards a notification popup will be shown indicating that a dynamic offer type is used in the funnel and requires a product-based trigger to function correctly:

Offer Popup Editor

When adding the "Same product as bought" pre-purchase offer type to the funnel, the popup editor will include a new layout and new set of functionality. The offer can be edited using the dropdown menu sections available in the left sidebar:

📝On the preview you will see a product placeholder, since the offer is dynamic and yet to be determined. A product with real properties will be displayed on the live offer popup presented to the customer.


In the General section, you can choose which Font Family to use for text on the offer popup from the dropdown menu:


In the Incentive section, you can enable/disable the Timer section (1), set the Time Limit for the timer (2) and the Background Color of the timer section (3):

Buy Box

In the Buy Box section, new offer builder settings become available for Dynamic offers:

  • Offer Product:
    "Same Variant" - shows the same product and same variant as the offer
    "Different Variant" (coming soon!) - shows the same product, but different variant as the offer

  • Display Offer: Allows you to set the condition for which product from the cart an offer will be displayed, if the cart contains multiple products.
    - For random product in the cart
    - For the most expensive product in the cart
    - For the least expensive product in the cart

  • Discount - only a percentage-based discount value can be applied for dynamic offers.


In the Buttons section, you can set the Accept (1) and Decline (2) button color and hover state color:

Split Tests

For the "Same variant" offer type there is the ability to create a Split Test with dynamic products. You will be able to:

  1. Run split tests with 2 dynamic upsells (A and B)

  2. Run split tests with dynamic products and general product, single or multiple

  3. Run split test with dynamic and upgrade offers

Split test functionality itself remains unchanged from the current one available within the OCU app.

Different Variant (coming soon!)

The "Different Variant" dynamic offer is a great option for merchants who want to create one funnel and offer the same product, but with a specific variant type (e.g. Size, Fit, Color, etc). The functionality works with both "Add product" and "Upgrade product" Pre-purchase options.

Example: If any product with "3 oz" was added, then upgrade it to the "6 oz" size of the same product with a discount AND if any product with "6 oz" was added, then upgrade it to the "12 oz" size of the same product with a discount.

When the "Different Variant" offer product option is chosen, then a "Variant Settings" button becomes available:

Clicking the button will invoke the variant settings popup where if / then logic rules can be added to control which variant will be offered (is / is not operators are available).

In the "Variant Type" field, input the name of your variant type (Size, Color, Style, etc). In the "Variant Type Value" field, one or several option values (S, M, L, XL) can be added by separating each with a comma.

Additional rules can be added as well by clicking the + button and defining additional the if/then variant logic. Up to 5 rules can be added. If multiple rules are added, then OCU will trigger them by following "AND" logic (all rules will work together):

📝The values entered must be the same exact values of your product's variant type and variant values as set in your Shopify admin's "Products" section:

If rules have not been added then an error hint text under the "Variant Settings" button will be shown:

Important Notes

1. Product title and Product description will be dynamically matched for the offer product, the same as registered in the merchant's store.

2. For the "Same Variant" offer option, a variant selector is not available since the same product and same variant as the trigger product will be shown.

3. A placeholder image will be displayed in the builder preview as the offer product is yet to be determined. The live offer presented to the customer will have the same image as the trigger product.

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