Post-purchase: "Same product as bought" [OCU]

Learn about the dynamic "Same product as bought" post-purchase offer type!

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The "Same product as bought" option for Post-purchase offers is a dynamic offer type, which will automatically offer the same product the customer just bought at Checkout as the upsell offer. If your product has variants, there's also the option to offer the same variant or any variant when setting up the offer:

This is a great option for merchants who want to upsell the same product that has already been bought and don't want to create a separate funnel for every product on the store in order to do that. Offering the same product the customer has bought at a discount is a proven upsell strategy and this new dynamic offer type makes it easy to do that!

Based on the trigger product(s) set for the funnel, OCU tracks which product the customer has bought and offers the same product as the post-purchase upsell. So for each specific customer's order, the offer product will be different.

Trigger Conditions

The "Same product as bought" dynamic offer works with all Trigger conditions available for OCU funnels!

Offer Editor

The majority of settings for the offer editor are the same as for regular non-dynamic post-purchase offers. More details about working with the post-purchase offer editor here.

By default, you will see a product placeholder on the offer preview since the offer is dynamic and yet to be determined. To see an actual product in the preview instead, click into the preview mode (1) and then on the "Select real product for preview" link (2) to select a product to use for the preview:

When adding the "Same product as bought" post-purchase offer type to the funnel, the editor will include the following new sections:

  • Offer Product:
    "Same Variant" - shows the same product and same variant as the offer
    "Any Variant" - shows any/all variant as the offer via dropdown selector

  • Display Offer: Allows you to set the condition for which product from the initial order an offer will be displayed, if the order contains multiple products.
    For random product in the cart
    For the most expensive product in the cart
    For the least expensive product in the cart

  • Discount: Only "None" and "Percentage" discount options are available for the dynamic offer:

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