Dynamic AI Offer - Post Purchase [OCU]

Let OCU's AI Algorithm do the work for you! Smart Post-Purchase offers tailored to each customer's cart

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Experience the future of post-purchase offers for OCU by using the Dynamic AI Offer! Not sure what to offer post-purchase or tired of setting up multiple funnels to match each trigger product?

Sit back and let our AI algorithm does the work for you, dynamically analyzing the products in each customer's cart and generating intelligent, product-driven recommendations. Enhance your checkout experience and unlock smart, tailored offers based on the products your customer's love.

This is a dynamic offer type, meaning each offer shown will be unique and based on the specific product(s) each customer purchases at Checkout.

πŸ“ To qualify for this feature, OCU must be able to access your Shop's order history and you must have an order history of at least 20 records in the last 60 days, with at least 2 different products.

Adding an AI Generated Post-purchase Offer

Follow the quick and easy steps below to add an AI Generated Post-purchase offer to your upsell funnel:

1. Within the "Funnels" section of the app, either click on an existing funnel (1) you'd like to add the offer to or on the "Add New Funnel" button to add a new one:

2. On the the Funnel Edit screen, click on the "✨ Generate AI Offer" button located below the "Post purchase" section:

3. That's it! The AI Generated Post-purchase offer will be added to your funnel. Next, you can edit the offer using the post-purchase offer editor. See below for more details.

You're also able to add the AI Generated Post-purchase offer as Upsell 2 or Downsell as well:

πŸ“IF any post purchase offer(s) (e.g. Downsell) is added manually to the funnel AND other offers (Upsell 1 and Upsell 2) are generated by AI, THEN OCU will give the manually added offer product(s) (Downsell) a priority and display AI offers (Upsell 1 and Upsell 2) with products which differ from the offer product(s) selected manually.

Working with the Offer Editor

The majority of settings for the dynamic AI Generated offer editor are the same as for regular non-dynamic post-purchase offers, with a few exceptions. More details about working with the post-purchase offer editor here.

Text fields on the offer are not able to edited due to the dynamic nature of the offer. Text such as the Product title, Product description, Variant Title, and Product Variant will all be pulled from your Shopify product listing dynamically and displayed on the live offer page.

All settings related to the offer product (image, discount, shipping, quantity, etc.) are located within the "BUY BOX 1" section of the editor:

For this specific dynamic offer type, the following two settings are also included:

  • Hide Variant Selector - If the AI recommended product has multiple variants, this hides the variant selector when toggled on.

  • Autoselect Variant - If the AI recommended product has multiple variants, the first variant is selected for the offer when toggled on.

Previewing the Offer with a Store Product

The offer editor for the dynamic AI Generated offer is similar to the "Same product as bought" dynamic offer type available for post-purchase. Since each offer shown to the customer is unique and yet to be determined, a product placeholder is shown in the editor:

To preview how an actual offer product will be presented based on the settings chosen in the builder, click on the "Select a product to preview" link to select a product:

Excluding Product(s) to use for the Offer

There may be specific product(s) that you don't want the dynamic AI Generated offer to use and show to customers. To account for that, use the "Exclude products" setting located in the more actions menu of the offer card:

Select the product(s) and/or product variant(s) you want excluded in the popup by checking the box next to each one, then click the "Exclude" button:

The number of product(s) you've excluded will be listed below the offer card. Changes to the exclusion list can be made at any time by clicking the "Change" link:

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