General Information About Post-Purchase Offers [OCU]

Learn all the basics for post-purchase offers, offer types, and more!

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What is a Post-Purchase Offer?

One-click post-purchase upsells are offers that are shown to the customer after they make their purchase, but before the customer has exited the store--in between the Shopify checkout and Shopify thank you page.

After the customer’s original purchase is completed, post-purchase offers will appear as a new page that pops up immediately after. The customer can accept the upsell offer with just one click, and without having to re-enter their payment or shipping details!

Available Offers and The Post-Purchase Offer Sequence

In each Funnel that you create, you can add two Post-Purchase Upsells and one Downsell.

The second post-purchase offer will be shown if the first upsell is accepted. Use this as an opportunity to show your customers an additional product offer since they are already in the buying mood.

If the first post-purchase offer is declined, they will be shown the Downsell offer instead. Downsells are where you want to offer deeper discounts or lower cost items in order to increase your chances of conversion and increasing your AOV.

It’s recommended that you use both a second upsell offer and a downsell in each of your funnels if you want to be sure that a second offer will be shown regardless of if the first Post-Purhcase offer is accepted or declined. Your second offer can even be the same product in both positions!

Here’s a nifty diagram that outlines this flow:

Types of Offers

Single Post-Purchase Offers

This offer page allows you to showcase a single product that can be either the same as or complementary to the trigger product. Single-item offer pages have more options for long-form content, additional images, and additional buy boxes.

Click here for more detailed information about how to set up Single Post-Purchase Offers.

Post-Purchase Multi-Product Offer

The Post-Purchase Multi-Product offer type can show up to 3 products on a single offer page. Great, if you wanted to give the customer a few options to add complimentary products to their order. The customer will only be able to choose one of these products as this offer is still considered one-click!

Click here for more information about how to set up Post-Purchase Multi-Product Offers.


Does OCU offer true one-click post-purchase upsells? I don’t want customers to have to enter their payment details again…

All of OCU’s post-purchase offers can be accepted in 1-click with no additional payment information required! Any post-purchase offers that are accepted by your customers will be automatically edited into the initial order.

Can I add more upsells/downsells?

Currently, it is not possible to offer additional upsells and downsells to your funnels. When working with Shopify to develop post-purchase offers for their checkout, we both concluded that having two Upsell offers and one Downsell offer would provide the best customer experience and increase conversion rates.

Can I offer an Upgrade offer with post-purchase offers?

At this time it isn’t possible to offer upgrades for post-purchase offers.

When an order concludes the checkout process, the order is considered “complete” by Shopify’s checkout, which means that the items in the initial order can’t be changed.

Can I offer Subscription products as post-purchase offers?

Yes, you can! OCU’s subscriptions Integration allows you to offer subscription products as a one-click post-purchase offer.

Click here for additional details about subscription offers in OCU.

Can I offer Bundle products as post-purchase offers?

No. Bundle products (created using the Shopify Bundles app or any other app that uses the Bundles API) aren't compatible for use as a post-purchase offer.

What happens when a customer's payment fails when accepting an offer?

If a post-purchase transaction fails, then the upsell product will be added, but there will be no additional transaction in the Order, and the order status will be marked as “Partially paid.”

Click here for additional details about Partially Paid orders and how to handle them.

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