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Learn all of the basics for Thank You Page offers!

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*Shopify Plus merchants:
The TY Page Offer is not currently supported on the new "Checkout Extensibility" version of the Shopify "Thank you and Order status pages". Revert to the previous version of the TY page to have the OCU TY Page offer shown successfully for now. ETA for an update is Q2 2024, to have the OCU TY Page offer be compatible with the new TY page version.

Adding a final offer to your funnel on the Thank You Page (Shopify's "Order Confirmation" page) can help increase your store's AOV even further!

Here is what it looks like on Desktop (left) and Mobile (right):

Unlike the one click post-purchase offers which currently work with "direct" Credit Card payments, Shop Pay, and PayPal Express Checkout, Thank You Page offers can be paid for using any payment method connected to Shopify Checkout on your store, so long as the customer is redirected back to the Order Status Page after completing payment.

This means if the customer pays for the initial checkout using a payment method not supported by one click post-purchase offers, they will still have the option to purchase the Thank You Page offer shown above.

Another benefit is that this offer is available on the customer's Order Details page. The customer can access the offer from the "Order Confirmation" email sent out by Shopify:

Customers often re-visit this page after they've completed their order, to check the status, payment method, and other order information, making it the perfect location to include an additional offer the customer can consider adding.

How TY Page Offers Work

When a customer clicks to accept the TY Page offer they will be taken back to the last page of their Shopify checkout. All of the information they've entered previously (Shipping information, discount code, etc.) will already be there and will be unable to be edited.

The customer will then be able to enter their payment information to pay for the product that has just been added to their order.

Like Post-Purchase offers, TY Page offers are added to the original order and neither you nor the customer has to worry about managing multiple orders or deliveries.

The availability time of the TY Page Offer is limited to 1 month after the original order has been completed I.e. the customer can add it for up to a month or until the order has been fulfilled or archived in Shopify admin.

Shipping, Taxes, and Discounts

The TY Page Offer doesn’t have Shipping settings. This is due to an API limitation that does not allow us to work with shipping for TY Page Offer. Therefore, it's important to consider the absence of shipping settings when creating your funnels and offers.

Due to the TY Page offer not being able to add extra shipping, we recommend using a product that will be less likely to incur additional shipping charges than what was already paid for the original order.

Taxes are not shown on the offer. Taxes will be shown on the "Payment" step after the customer accepts the offer.

Please be aware that If you are offering a percentage (%)-based discount code for the original order at Checkout, it will also be applied to the TY Page Offer when the customer accepts it and is redirected to the "Payment" step of Shopify Checkout to pay for the TY Page Offer.

For example, the customer uses a 10% discount code at Checkout and then accepts the TY page offer which is a $10 item with a $1 discount applied to it. The offer item is added to the order and the 10% discount code will be applied on top of the OCU discount. In this case, the Total for the TY Page offer would be 10% off the $9 price, which = $8.10

When will TY Page offers not be shown?

There are certain situations where the TY Page offer is not able to be shown. The most common reasons are:

Local Delivery

TY page offers won't be shown for orders that use the "Local Delivery" Shipping method due to a current Shopify API limitation

TY Page offers of physical products when the initial order only includes digital products

When the original order has only digital products, TY Page offers will not be shown if it's for a physical product; this is because no shipping info was added to the original order, which is required to ship physical products.


Customers that pay for their order in a currency that is different from the store’s main currency will not be shown TY page offers due to Shopify API limitations.

The order is archived or fulfilled

The TY Page upsell will only be shown if the Order Status is "Open" (not Cancelled or Archived) and the Fulfilment Status is "Unfulfilled" when the Order Confirmation page loads. It will still be shown for orders that contain only digital products, even if the order is fulfilled.

Hide offer setting

If the Hide Offer setting is enabled, your TY Page offer will not be shown if the product is used for the offer is already included in the initial order. There is also a setting you can enable if you don’t want the offer to be shown if a customer has already seen a post-purchase offer.

What happens if the customer decides to not enter their payment after they've accepted the TY Page offer?

This can happen! Until a TY Page offer is paid for, the Order will have a "Partially paid" status.

Thankfully, we've prepared for that situation! In the TY Page settings we've automatically enabled the removal of TY page offers if they are not paid for within 30 mins. You can always disable this setting if you wanted to give customers more time. To disable the setting, navigate to the "Remove Unpaid Item From Orders" setting located at Settings > TY Page Upsells within OCU. More details

Another reason to disable the setting is if you’re offering Cash on Delivery as a payment option. Once payment is completed or the unpaid item is removed, the Order Status updates to "Paid" and the order can be fulfilled.

In any case, once payment is completed or the unpaid item is removed, the Order Status updates to "Paid" and the order can be fulfilled.

Here is what customers will see after the Thank You Page offer is added and paid for:


Can I use a Bundle product as the TY Page offer?

Bundle products aren't compatible for use as a TY page offer.

Can I use Subscription products as TY page offers?

Subscription products aren't compatible for use as a TY page offer.

Is there a limit on how much a TY Page offer can cost?

TY Page Offer with a price range from 0.1 - 0.49 in whichever currency your store uses are not able to be bought (the price must be .50 minimum). However, a Free ($0) product can be offered on the TY Page if desired. In this case, the customer will not need to complete the extra payment step to add it to their order.

Are there payment processors that don’t work with TY Page offers?

Some 3rd party offsite processors like iDeal and Bancontact don't always redirect the customer back to the Order Status page where the TY Page offer is located.

Can TY Page offers be added to archived orders?

The TY Page Offer is not able to be added to archived orders in Shopify since OCU has no access to those orders via Shopify's API. If you have the "Automatically archive the order" option enabled in Shopify settings at Settings > Checkout > Order processing, your customers won't be able to add the offer if the order has already been archived:

Therefore, consider disabling this Shopify setting if you have it enabled, to have TY Page Offers to work correctly.

Other Details

What about my Facebook Pixel Events that fire on the TY Page?

If you use the native Facebook Pixel integration for Shopify, then when the original order is completed and the customer lands on the first OCU post-purchase upsell page, the "Purchase" event fires and records the initial order conversion then:

If the customer adds the Thank You Page Offer to their order, the "InitiateCheckout" event fires once again when Shopify Checkout is redirected to, but only includes data about the TY Page Offer added:

Once payment for the TY Page Offer is completed, the "Purchase" event fires once again and records the TY Page Offer conversion and data:

Please reach out to us in chat if you have any questions we can help with!

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