Multi-Variant (ABCD) Split Tests [OCU]

Efficiently test and compare up to 4 product set variants in one split test!

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AB Split Testing involves comparing only two variations (A and B) of a single element, such as a headline, image, call-to-action or offer type. Testing is relatively simple and easy to set up, making it a good starting point for testing small changes. It provides insights into the performance of the two tested variations, helping you determine which one yields better results. AB testing is suitable for optimizing single elements, but it doesn't account for interactions between multiple changes simultaneously.

Multi-Variant ABCD Split Testing expands the scope by allowing you to test four variations (A, B, C, and D) of different elements in a single test. ABCD testing is more complex to set up as it involves multiple variations and potential interactions. However, It provides a deeper understanding of how different combinations of changes interact with each other, giving you insights into complex optimization scenarios. This type of testing can be more efficient than running separate AB tests for each combination, especially when multiple changes need to be tested together.

Setting up an ABCD Split Test

Setting up an ABCD Split Test is a similar process as setting up a regular AB Split Test.

The difference is that after A and B pages are chosen for the test, an "+ Add Variant" button will be available below page B:

To add page C, click the "+ Add Variant" button invokes the option to select either:

  • Same Product (Var. A) - The same product used as page A in the test, to test a design variation such as headline, image or call-to-action.

  • Different Products - Different product(s) and/or Offer Types.

To add a D variant to the test, click the "+ Add Variant" button (1) again . Otherwise, click the "Start split test" button (2) to start the test:

πŸ“ Traffic will be distributed equally between all pages included in the split test I.e. if 3 pages are included each page will receive 33.33% of traffic. If 4 pages are included each page will receive 25% of traffic:

Split Testing Different Offer Types

Just like with regular AB Split Tests for OneClickUpsell, Multi-Variant ABCD Split Tests support any/all Offer Types as well!

This means you can split test any combination of offer types against each other to determine the best option for a particular upsell position within a funnel:

To do that, just select the "Different Product" option when setting up the test or when adding C or D variants:

Split Test Drag'n'Drop for Post-Purchase

If you've set up a Split Test or offer in any post-purchase offer position (Upsell 1 / Upsell 2 / Downsell) and want it used in a different position without having to recreate it, use the drag'n'drop feature.

First, unpublish the funnel by clicking the "Unpublish Funnel" button located in the top-right corner of the funnel editor:

Then use the drag'n'drop feature by left clicking, holding and dragging the split test or offer into the new position:

πŸ“If the post-purchase offer position already contains an offer, the offers will swap their positions.

Click the "Publish Funnel" button once your offers are in the desired order:

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