Sharing and Receiving Zipify Pages with and from other users:

The Page sharing feature allows you to share your page(s) with other Zipify Pages users and/or received pages from them.

This feature is also useful in case you have more than 1 Shopify store and you want to re-use a created page(s) in your other store. 

In order to share a page with another Zipfiy Pages user, you need to click on the "Share" option available in the "More Actions" menu next to the page that you want to share:

The "Share Page" pop-up window will then be shown.

  • Fill in the "Shared By" information. This field is required to share your page. You can change this info at any time later and it will automatically start to appear for other users you've shared this page with right after the change is applied.

NOTE: A user who receives your page will see this information, so please enter accurate information about yourself (the sender).

  • Then click on "Generate Link" button and wait for several seconds to have the sharing URL generated.

A "Copy" button becomes available as soon as the sharing URL is generated. Use it to copy the URL to the clipboard.

An "Unshare" button also  becomes available when the sharing URL is generated. Use it to stop sharing the page. When someone uses the URL of a page which is already unshared, it will lead them to a page like this:

Once everything is set you can click on the "Done" button and use the generated URL to send/promote the shared page! 

Once you generate a sharing URL for a page, we’re placing a special icon next to shared pages in the Pages dashboard for your convenience, so you can easily see them:

When someone uses/clicks the sharing URL provided by you, it will lead them to the following screen which has the page info like the Title and “Shared By” information.
It also contains options allowing them to either log into their existing ZP account or create a new one (if they don't have an account yet).

In any case, the shared page will be added into their store once they have either logged into the ZP app or have purchased and then logged into the ZP app. 

NOTE: In some cases it might take up to 1-2 minutes for the shared page to appear in the user's store.

The shared page will be added into the user's ZP Pages table along with a “shared by sender_name” tag so that the page can easily be found.

NOTE: If there’s already a page in the ZP app which has the same exact page title, then the shared page will be given an index (1) like this: Example Page Title (1)


Any changes you've applied to the shared page will then become available through the sharing URL. The user(s) you share the page with are always getting the latest version of the page using the sharing URL. For this reason, you may want to consider duplicating the page and applying changes there in case you're applying significant changes that you don't want included for the shared page.

The shared page is being added into the user’s store along with all its content except for blocks which depend on your store’s info/entities (ex: products, 3rd-party integrations, elements linked to your store’s ZP pages or their separate blocks). Such blocks are being added into the user's store with default values/placeholders.

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