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Connecting Your CRM/ESP [Zipify Pages]

Learn how to connect one, or multiple, email CRMs for Lead collection

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Supported CRM systems

The Zipify Pages application currently provides you with the built-in ability to connect the following CRM/marketing automation systems to collect customer/leads information on pages you create, via the "Optin forms" included in the app:

  • ActiveCampaign

  • Aweber

  • MailChimp

  • Klaviyo

  • Keap (Infusionsoft)

  • Ontraport

  • Drip

  • ConvertKit

  • GoToWebinar

  • Omnisend

Custom fields are not supported for Zipify Pages optin forms. If custom or additional fields are required for your form, use the HTML Block and an embed code to embed a form from your CRM to your page directly.

For help with finding your API Key see the "How do I find my API Credentials" section at the bottom of this article.

πŸ“ If a visitor navigates to page via a link that contains your store's sub-domain and submits the opt-in form, this visitor will not transmit to your CRM, because there are no redirects happening between your sub-domain and primary domain.

What we suggest is to go to Online Store > Domains of your Shopify admin and click the "Redirect all traffic to primary domain" option there to ensure that your primary domain is used at all times.

Connecting a CRM system

To connect one or more of your supported CRM systems, go to Settings > CRMs:

Enter your API credentials into the appropriate fields and then click the Connect button next to the desired CRM system to connect it:

If you want to switch to a different account for the same CRM system, then click on the Disconnect button and repeat the process described above.

Setting up an Optin Form to collect Leads

When a CRM system is connected to the Zipify Pages app, you can then use the built-in optin forms to collect your site visitor's information in your CRM system for email and marketing purposes.

πŸ“In the Settings > Localization > Forms section of the app, you can set a different language for the Email / First Name / Last Name / Phone Number text fields used on optin forms.

There are two types of optin forms available:

  • On-page optin forms - Found in the Forms section of the page section library:

    After this form type is added to your page, click on the button in the builder and then on the "CRM Settings" button in the sidebar to configure the form settings:

  • Lightbox Popup optin forms - Available in the Destination > CRM section for any Button or Image element included in page blocks (excluding Buy Box blocks)

Example: How the lightbox optin form is shown to your visitors

How to find or create your API credentials

  • AWeber - API credentials are not required to be entered manually, just sign in to your AWeber account using the link by entering your Login Name and Password then click "Allow Access". Your Access Token and API Key will automatically pass over to the Zipify Pages app.Β 

  • Keap (Infusionsoft) - Your App Name is the first part of your Infusionsoft URL. For example, if your URL is, then your app name is az169. To get your API key, go to the Admin menu, and click Settings. Select Application in the left menu, then scroll down to the API section. If you don't have an API key, here is an article in the Infusionsoft Help section that explains how to create your API Key:
    β€‹πŸ“ Only Tags are supported for the Infusionsoft CRM. Lists are not supported.

  • Ontraport - Here is an article in the Ontraport Help section that explains how to create your App ID and API Key. Scroll to the "How to Obtain an API Key" subheading. The needed API key permissions include the following: Add Contacts and Create Key
    β€‹πŸ“ Only Tags are supported for the Ontraport CRM. Lists are not supported.

  • ConvertKit - You can find your API Key and API Secret in the ConvertKit Advanced Settings by following these steps:

    Log into your ConvertKit account. Click your account name at the top right of the ConvertKit dashboard, followed by Settings.

    On the Settings page, click Advanced in the left sidebar.

    Scroll down to the API section of the Advanced Settings page and copy your API Key.

    β€‹πŸ“ Only Tags are supported for the ConvertKit CRM. Lists are not supported.

  • GoToWebinar - No API keys required. Just click the "Connect" button and then login to your GoToWebinar account on the next screen using your Email address and Password.Β 

  • Omnisend - Find or generate your API key within your Ominsend app or account. See this article for more details:
    β€‹πŸ“Tags are supported for the Omnisend CRM. You must input the Tag(s) you want applied to the contact when they optin to the form. Input your tag name into the field and press the comma key to apply it. Tag(s) applied correctly will be listed below the "Enter Tag(s)" field:

    More details on Working with Contact Tags in Ominsend.

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