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An overview of the app's Navigation Menu!

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Once the application is installed, you'll be able to view the app's main interface screen and access the left-side navigation menu:

The Main navigation contains the following sections:

  • Dashboard - Shows the app "Dashboard" where you can quickly and easily create a new page, view the welcome video, see pages that need your attention, view featured Zipify articles and more!

  • Pages - Hover over this section to access the following, where different page types can be created and managed:
    - Landing Pages
    - Product Pages
    - Home Pages
    - Blogs
    - Recently Deleted:
    Pages which have been recently deleted in the last 30 days will be shown and can be restored or permanently deleted from this section.

  • Split Tests - Shows the "Split Tests" dashboard where you can view your currently running split tests and create new ones. 

  • Statistics - Shows the "Statistics" dashboard where you can view all of the most important statistics about your pages and their performance. 

  • Global - Hover over this section to access the following:

  • Help - Browse the help center for useful videos and documentation on using the app.

  • Settings - The "Settings" section allows you to adjust the application's settings; Connect the Zipify Pages tracking pixel, Upload custom fonts, Manage app assets, Edit Buy Boxes settings, Manage your Image Library, Connect a supported CRM systems, Enable app integrations and more!

Working with the Landing Pages section:

The "Landing Pages" section can be accessed by clicking directly on "Pages" in the sidebar, or by hovering over Pages and selecting "Landing Pages". Click the "New Page" button to start the page creation process!

Landing Pages can be sorted by the following Views:

  • All / Pages / Groups

Within each View, click the "Page Name" or "Last Modified" heading to sort the pages in alphabetical order (ascending or descending) or in chronological order (ascending or descending) respectively. The Tag name can also be clicked on to sort pages by tag:

Search field -  Search for any pages by their Page Name, Tag or Url. By default, all 3 entities will be used in the search:

You can also search within a specific entity by clicking on it from the search field:

Page Name - Shows the internal Zipify Pages landing page name applied to the page upon creation. The page name can be changed at any time through the Page Constructor ("Edit" action) or when publishing the page ("Publish Now" action).

Status - The default status assigned to the page right after creation is "Draft". There are 4 different statuses.

You can also "Filter by" the page statuses within each View using the selector:

  • Draft - The page is currently being edited and is not published to your store.

  • Published - The page is published to your store and available for use in the Online Store > Pages section of your Shopify admin.

  • Pending Updates - A change was made in the page builder, but not yet pushed to published page. Click the "Update" button in the builder to push latest change(s) live.

  • Scheduled (ZP Plus plan only) - The page is scheduled to be published at a future date and time.

  • Fix Me - There are three cases where a page status will show as Fix Me:

  1. A product on the page added via a Buy Box is removed from the store.

  2. A product on the page added via a Buy Box is set to non-visible to the Online Store sales channel.

  3. The page handle for a product on the page added via a Buy Box has changed.

To fix the "Fix Me" status, first try clicking the "Update" button in the page editor. If that doesn't resolve it, re-select a new product within the Buy Box block(s) and then click the "Update" button.

Tags - A list of tags assigned to each page. Clicking on a tag you'll sort a list of pages to only contain pages which have this tag assigned. NOTE: The app allows you to assign 10 tags on each page max. These tags do not get added to the source code of the page, they are intended for internal organizational purposes only.

Last modified - The date that the page was last modified.

Working with the Product Pages section:

The Product Pages section is very similar to the Landing Pages section in terms of layout, except in this section your working with Product Page Templates (/products) instead of Landing Pages (/pages).

For more details on Product Pages, please view our help article here.

Recently Deleted

The Recently Deleted section will show your Landing Pages, Product Pages and Home Pages (support for Blog Posts coming soon!) which have been deleted in the last 30 days. You will be able to restore a recently deleted page from here if you've changed your mind and want to keep it.

*Note: To use a landing page URL that is assigned to a page in the Recently Deleted section on a different page you're creating, the landing page in the Recently Deleted section will need to either be:

  • Permanently deleted or...

  • Restored and then the URL for it changed so that the other page can use the URL instead. Only one page can use the one unique URL.

How to Restore a Page

1. Click the "Restore Page" button:

2. In the Restore Page popup, click the "Restore" button to restore the page:

3. The landing page will be restored with "Draft" status and added back to the Landing Pages section at the top of the list.

How to Permanently Delete a Page

1. Click on the "More Actions" (3 dots) menu for the desired page and select "Permanently Delete":

2. Confirm the action in the Delete Page popup by clicking the "Delete" button:

*Note: Permanently deleting a page can't be undone.

Multiple pages can be either Restored or Permanently deleted at once using the "Bulk Edit" action:

Landing Page Actions

The following actions are available for pages in the "Actions" column of the pages table:

  • Preview - Allows you to preview the page. If the page is already "Published", then it will be previewed with it's final URL and will show you the actual page on your Shopify store. Note that, if the page has the "Draft" status, it will display it with the temporary internal Zipify Pages app's URL. In this view, the page style/function may not be 100% accurate. 

  • Make a Copy - Creates an exact copy of the specified page. The newly created page will have the same page name with a "copy" postfix attached at the very end. The copied page's Status will be set to "Draft" even if the page copied from is set to "Published".

  • Edit Properties - Quickly edit the properties of the page such as page name, group and tag(s).

  • Save as a Template - Save your page to the Templates library for quick and easy reuse. Page(s) saved as a Template can be located in the "My Templates" category. More details

  • Share - Generate a page share link to share with any other ZP user(s). 

  • Delete - Allows you to delete the page if you no longer need it. Deleted pages will be stored in the "Recently Deleted" section of the app for 30 days.

Bulk Landing Page Actions

There's a check-box to the left of each page name. Once a box is checked, it activates Bulk Page Actions mode. Check the check-box next to each page to apply an action to all checked pages at once.


Check the box next to each page you want to delete and click the "Delete" button. A confirmation popup will show to either confirm or cancel the action. Once the page(s) are deleted, the action cannot be undone. 


The "Group" action allows you to essentially make folders for your different pages to aid in organization. This feature is available for Landing Pages, Product Pages and Home Pages. Check the box next to each page that you want to either make a new group for or add to an existing group

Click the "Group" button and you will be prompted to either add the selected page(s) to an existing group or to create a new group. 

Once a Group has been created, you can access the pages within the group by clicking the arrow icon next to the group name. Using the available Actions, you can either "Ungroup" all pages or specific page(s) within the group. Once a page has been ungrouped, it will return to the general pages table. 

The Footer section of the app contains links to our website, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

In case you need to get any help from our support team you can use our live support chat. Just click on blue icon in the lower-right corner to start chatting with us. We'll be in touch with you shortly!

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