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Dashboard [Zipify Pages]
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The Zipify Pages "Dashboard" is the Home of the Zipify Pages app!

Create New Page

At the top of the Dashboard is the option to "Create New Page" where you can quickly and easily create any new page type (Landing Page / Product Page / Home Page / Blog Post) available in the app:

More details on creating and managing each different page type can be found in our help articles below:

Welcome Video

Below is a short Welcome Video with high-level information about how the app works on your store and how you can start using it!

Recent Pages

In the "Recent Pages" section, your 5 most recently edited and/or published pages will be listed. You can click on the page name to edit the page or on the ๐Ÿ‘๏ธ button to view the published page:

Pages That Need Your Attention

The "Pages That Need Your Attention" section will list any pages which may require your attention:

There are three cases where a page status will show as "Fix Me":

  1. A product on the page added via a Buy Box is removed from the store.

  2. A product on the page added via a Buy Box is set to "Draft" to the Online Store sales channel.

  3. The page handle for a product on the page added via a Buy Box has changed.

To fix the "Fix Me" status for a page, first, try clicking the "Update" button in the page editor. If that doesn't resolve it, re-select a new product within the Buy Box block(s) and then click the "Update" button. If you use the "Cross-Sell" section in your Buy Box, check there as well as the product featured as the cross-sell may have been removed from your store or set to "Draft" status for the Online Store sales channel.

Get the Most out of Zipify Pages

The "Get the Most out of Zipify Pages" section has helpful information and recommendations to follow to get the most out of the app such as:

  • Connecting Zipify Analytics account for Statistics and Split Testing

  • Connecting a supported CRM/ESP system for use with our built-in opt-in forms

Free Videos

In the "Free Videos: How To Make More Money with Zipify" section, you can browse our catalog of Zipify Pages case study videos, feature update videos, blog post videos, and more! All added to help you increase your knowledge about Zipify Pages and how it can help you make more money on your Shopify store:

Featured Articles

The "Featured Articles" section will list a few of the many helpful articles we feature on our Blog at

Need Help?

If you need help with anything, we have resources available for you!

If you need help with anything at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us in support chat:

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