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OCU Plus - Find out how to Archive inactive funnels to keep your Funnel table clean and organized!

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As more and more Upsell Funnels are created, your funnels table may become a little cluttered and disorganized. The "Archive" feature allows you to easily move an upsell funnel to a separate section, keeping your main funnel list clean and organized.

With this feature, you can quickly access archived funnels and bring them back to the main list whenever you need them. This helps to streamline your workflow and keep your funnel management process efficient.

The Archive feature is an OCU Plus feature. To unlock it, please book a demo and upgrade to an OCU Plus plan.

Archiving a Funnel

To archive a funnel, click the 3-dots button below the "Actions" column in the Funnels list. Select the "Archive Funnel" option:

πŸ“When archiving a published funnel, a confirmation popup will show to confirm the action.

Unarchiving a Funnel

To unarchive a funnel, click into the "Archive" table and click the "Unarchive Funnel" button below the Actions column:

You can also click into the archived funnel and click the "Unarchive Funnel" button located at the top-right corner of the funnel details page:

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