Activating and Deactivating Offers in the Funnel

After you’ve added offers to your funnel, you may decide later that you want to activate or deactivate certain offers without deleting them altogether.

For example, if you just want to disable a certain offer in the funnel and not delete it or replace it with a different one. Deactivating the offer(s) will save the offer statistics and offer settings in case you want to activate the offer again at a later time.

New offers that are added to funnels are active by default. If you'd like to make an offer inactive, simply click on the drop-down next to the offer name and select "Inactive":

Important Notes:

  • Offer status is assigned to the position of the offer, not the product.

  • To activate a Downsell offer, the Post-Purchase Upsell Offer #1 needs to be active as well.

  • To start a Split Test, the offer must be active.

  • To make a Split Test offer inactive, you must pause the test first.

  • To resume a paused Split Test, you must activate the offer first.

  • If all offers in the funnel are set to inactive, the funnel is automatically unpublished.

Change Offer Order

You can change the order of your offers by clicking the "Change Offer Order" button and simply dragging and dropping the offer cards to a different spot. If you drag a card on a spot that's already occupied by an existing offer, the two offers will swap places.

📝The funnel will need to be in an unpublished state before the offer order can be changed. A pre-purchase offer cannot be swapped with a post-purchase or thank you page offer and vice versa.

Offer Options available in the More Options menu

By hovering your mouse over the "more options icon", you can view and select the following offer page options:

  • Rename Offer: Click this option to rename the offer within the funnel.

  • Preview on store: Click this option to see the offer page "preview" opened in a new browser window. You can share this preview URL with your designer or anyone else you'd like so they can view the preview and give editing tips and suggestions for improvement.

    *URL Preview is only available for post-purchase offers. Use the editor to preview your pre-purchase and TY page offers.

  • Edit Offer Page: Click this option to open the Offer Page Editor to make all of your offer page edits and adjustments.

  • Create Split Test: Click this option to create a split test for the particular offer product in the upsell funnel position. Detailed information on this feature can be found in this article here.

  • Change Product: Click this option to change the offer product you'd like used in the particular upsell funnel position.

    *Multi-product offers do not have a "Change Product" option. You'll need to open the drop-down for each product offer to make changes.

  • Delete Product: Click this option to delete the offer product from the particular upsell funnel position.

I've customized my funnels! What's next?

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