Adding a Post-Purchase Multi-Product Offer [OCU]

Learn more about how to add multiple products to your post-purchase offers!

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If you wanted to offer more than one product after your customers complete checking out, then you're in luck! OCU's Post-Purchase Multi-Product offer type can show up to 3 products on the page, but will only allow the customer to add one of the offered products to their order.

It's a great option to use if your trigger product has multiple complementary products and you want to give your customers different options to choose from!

To add this offer type to your funnel, follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. Select the "Add product(s) to the customer's order > Select the product(s) manually" option when adding a new post-purchase offer to any funnel. Click the "Continue" button:

2. Select the products you want to be used in the "Add products" pop-up by checking the box next to each. At least 2 products are required to be selected to use the multi-product page layout. Then click the "Add" button:

3. The multi-product offer will be added to the funnel and is ready for editing.
Click anywhere on the offer card to open the editor where you can further edit your post-purchase offer page and the offers being made:

πŸ“If you haven't used all 3 available product slots, a "Choose Product" button will be seen below the post-purchase offer card where you can add additional product(s) if desired.

4. Within the post-purchase page editor, you can edit both the appearance of the page and the offer products you've added to it:

5. The "Incentive" section contains a "Visibility" toggle so the section can be enabled/disabled from showing on the page. A "Fixed Layout" toggle is also available which can be enabled/disabled depending on the width desired for the section. A 3/5/10-minute Countdown Timer can also be enabled/disabled:

πŸ“If the timer expires on the live post-purchase offer page, the offer will expire, the customer will be auto-redirected to the Shopify TY Page and no further post-purchase offers will be shown. If you disable the timer, the offer and all remaining post-purchase offers will expire after 10 minutes instead.

6. The "Buy Boxes" section is where you will do offer product editing, the remaining sections are for the page appearance and styles. To edit a particular offer product, either click into the Buy Boxes section and then on the product you want to edit OR click on a text element for a particular product in the preview window:

The remaining steps for editing a post-purchase page and the products is basically the same as gone over above in the "Working with the Editor" section of this article. Refer to the information there for further details.

Changing the Order of Products in the Post-Purchase Multi-Product Offer

If you'd like to change the order in which the products included in the post-purchase multi-product offer are shown, follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. If your funnel is currently published, unpublish it first by clicking on the "Unpublish Funnel" button located in the top-right corner:

2. Once the funnel is unpublished, click the dropdown arrow next to the Post-Purchase offer:

3. Drag and drop the products included in your post-purchase multi-product offer into the desired order:

4. Click the "Publish Funnel" button to publish the funnel live again and your post-purchase multi-product offers will be shown in the new order you've set:

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