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TY Page Offer in Shop app [OCU]

Find out how to enable the TY Page Offer in the Shop sales channel to increase average order value in Shop app!

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Due to a new partnership between Shop and Zipify, the TY Page Offer can now also be shown directly in the Shop app available for iOS and Android for mobile devices!

This is made available via Shop Minis which are shopping experiences created by developers to help enhance your Shop Store by leveraging what youโ€™ve already built on your online store.

Customers can use the Shop app to discover new stores and products, engage with your brand, make purchases using Shop Pay, and track packages to delivery. If your store meets the eligibility requirements outlined in the Shop Merchant Guidelines, then your store and products will automatically be listed in the Shop app and the Shop sales channel will appear in your Shopify admin.

Enabling the TY Page offer in Shop app

To enable the TY Page Offer on your Shop store, you must first ensure that the Shop sales channel is enabled in your Shopify admin and that you've added your products to the Catalog there. Learn more about Shop:

After that, simply toggle on the option for the "Shop App" channel under the Thank you page offer section within your OCU funnel:

๐Ÿ“ If the offer status is inactive, then it won't be shown on either the Online store or Shop app.

Working with the TY Page Offer editor for Shop

The TY Page Offer on Shop consists of 2 parts:

  • Entry point - A โ€œLimited time offer!โ€ card shown below the order details section of the Order Confirmation page and on the Order Management page.

  • Upsell - Where the buyer can view the offer details, select a variant, quantity and click the โ€œAdd to my orderโ€ button.

When accessing the TY Page Offer editor in OCU, you can see a preview of the entry point and the upsell in the Shop tab:

Viewing Shop Offer Statistics

The TY Page offer statistics for the Shop app can be viewed separately from the Online Store directly on the offer card within upsell funnels. It is also separated between Order Confirmation (TY) and Order Management (OM) page views and statistics:

They're also displayed directly in the Funnels List page by clicking the dropdown arrow next to a particular Funnel Name:

๐Ÿ“ For the Shop channel, a "View" is counted when the Entry point is shown/rendered.

Further detailed statistics can be found in the "Statistics" section of the OCU app under the "Top Performing Funnels" section there by clicking into the "TY Page Offer" tab:

Clicking on the "View Details" button for Top Upsell Products, you can view Revenue statistics (1) and Per Product Conversion Rates (2) for the Online Store and Shop channels separately:

Notifications & Errors

In order for your upsell offer to work on Shop app, both the funnel trigger product(s) and upsell offer product(s) need to be active to the Shop sales channel in your Shopify admin. The offer product(s) must also be in-stock on the Shop sales channel. More details on how to Manage product availability on the Shop channel.

If the upsell offer product is not visible/active to the Shop sales channel, you will see a notification in the builder informing you of that:

If the product is not visible/active to the Shop sales channel and/or out of stock, an error will be shown on the funnel details page:

These error(s) must be fixed before the upsell offer is able to be shown successfully in Shop app. To update and manage your Catalog in Shop, go to the "Shop" sales channel in your Shopify admin. Then click on the "Manage" button next to Catalog there:

Ensure that the offer product(s) have "Listed" status:

๐Ÿ“If you see the following in the Shop Minis section of your Shop sales channel, there's no need to worry and no action is required. The app is already active and this messaging will change once a customer sees one of your live TY Page offers on Shop app:

Shop app Buyer Flow

After the initial order is completed on the Shop app, the buyer will be shown a โ€œLimited time offer!โ€ card (Entry point) below the order details section of the Order Confirmation page.

Tapping the offer card will bring the buyer to the offer page (Upsell) where the buyer can view the offer details, select a variant, quantity and click the โ€œAdd to my orderโ€ button.

On the next screen, the buyer can review the details of the new order summary and the amount to pay for the offer.

Clicking the โ€œPay nowโ€ button will complete the offer payment and the buyer will be redirected to an updated Order Placed page:

If the offer is shown on the Order Confirmation (TY) page but not accepted, then the same offer will be shown on the Order Management (OM) page when the customer views their order details there:

๐Ÿ“Important Notes:

  • If the buyer does not have a credit card saved to their Wallet in Shop app, they will need to manually re-enter payment information on the "Review & Pay" screen.

  • If the TY offer was accepted or bought on the Order Confirmation page, then the offer won't be shown on the Order Management page.

  • The offer on the Order Management page doesn't have a timer and remains active for 7 days.

  • The TY offer will be shown on the Order Management page for orders placed and imported from the Online Store as well.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the partnership between Shop and Zipify?

This brand new partnership allows brands on Shopify to add TY Page upsell offers, created in the Zipify admin, into Shop app. These upsells will appear immediately after a buyer has purchased an item in the Shop app and will appear on the Order Confirmation and Order Management pages in Shop app. With this new partnership, merchants can use existing upsell offers created in the Zipify app and increase average order value in Shop app.

What is Shop app?

Shop app is a mobile app developed by Shopify that allows buyers to discover new products, track their orders, and receive personalized recommendations. The app is available for free on both iOS and Android devices and is designed to enhance the shopping experience for customers. With Shop app, customers can easily browse and purchase products from their favorite Shopify stores, track their orders, and receive real-time updates on their shipments. The app also provides personalized recommendations based on a customer's browsing and purchase history, making it easier for them to discover new products they may be interested in.

I didnโ€™t realize I was selling my products in Shop app, how come?

Shop is designed to connect Shopify merchants with millions of engaged shoppers. Once eligible, merchants are automatically opted into selling on Shop. You can review eligibility requirements here. If you do not wish to be listed on the Shop app, you can manage your listing settings in the Shop channel.

To grow your presence on the app and to establish Shop as a new channel for your brand, we suggest following the steps outlined in this blog.

More information for merchants can be found here:

Is the Shop upsell added to the original order or does it create a new order?

The shop upsell is added to the original order via order editing. It does not create a new order.

What if the customer adds the offer, but doesn't pay for it?

If the customer adds the offer, but doesn't complete payment for it within 30 minutes for any reason, the offer is automatically removed from the order by default. This occurs due to the "Remove Unpaid Item From Orders" setting which is enabled by default at Settings > TY Page Upsells within the OCU app.

How do I add a new TY Page upsell offer?

The Thank You Page offer is added directly within a Funnel in the Zipify OneClickUpsell app. Click here for more details on adding this offer type to an OCU funnel. Then just make sure the toggle for the โ€œShopโ€ channel is enabled for the offer.

Will the Shop offer show for Orders where Duties were initiated/paid at Checkout?

No. The Shop offer won't be shown if Duties were initiated/paid at Checkout.

Can I add pre-purchase upsells and cart upsells as well?

At the moment, we only support the TY Page Offer upsell in the Shop app, but we hope to expand this in the near future. Please let us know of your interest by emailing

How much does this new feature cost me?

There is no additional charge for this feature, it is included in the fee you currently pay Zipify, and there is no additional fee charged by Shopify.

Why was this enabled for me?

Shopify and Zipify want to start generating sales and value from this integration for you as quickly as possible, so we enabled it using the existing upsell offers you have created in the Zipify admin. If you want to make any changes, then you can do so in the Zipify admin.

How do I remove the upsell from Shop app?

We hope you will want to try this new feature in Shop app, but if you wish to remove it you can do so in the Zipify OCU app admin by toggling off the โ€œShopโ€ option above your Thank You Page offer.

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