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The OCU Native app uses Shopify's Checkout to process orders and then show one click post-purchase offers on page(s) preceding the Shopify Order Confirmation page. There is a 10-minute countdown timer available for post-purchase offer pages, although the customer has up to 60 minutes to complete the post-purchase offer funnel before the offer(s) expire.

The initial checkout order is created immediately after the Shopify Checkout is completed. When the customer adds a post-purchase offer, the order is then Edited to include the additional offer(s).

Each post-purchase offer that is added to the original order is a separate transaction and is viewable in the Timeline section of the Order. In the screenshot below, $81.38 was what was paid at Checkout. The customer added post-purchase offer 1 to their order. The order was edited and the additional item and revenue ($66.77) was added:

3rd Party Fulfillment

Due to the "Fulfillment Holds" update applied by Shopify on March 1, 2021 OCU should now work smoothly with those 3rd party fulfillment apps and services. More details

The fulfillment status for orders that show post-purchase offers on Shopify Checkout will be set to "On hold”, to prevent these orders from being fulfilled while buyers are still interacting with the post-purchase offer(s) for their order. The hold will be lifted when the buyer reaches the Shopify Thank You Page, or after one hour after checkout completion.

This change should have essentially no impact on any 3rd party fulfillment apps using the Shopify Order Fulfillment API. However, fulfillment apps that consume some other API (Order API, etc) to work will not be able to fulfill orders while they have "On hold" status. Using the order fulfillment API is strongly recommended, but if that’s not possible for your 3rd party fulfillment provider to do, then retrying the fulfillment after the one hour has passed is the currently recommended workaround.

Sometimes your customers will receive a payment declined message when attempting to buy a post-purchase offer. There are several reasons why a customer can get a "transaction declined" or other error message when attempting to buy a post-purchase offer.

The two main reasons are:

  • Decline from the bank (customer side)
  • Decline from the payment processor (payment processor side)

In this case, the post-purchase upsell product is still added to the order when the customer clicks the "Add to Order" button, regardless of whether the transaction was successful or failed.

📝We show these offers as accepted in analytics. We do not take into account whether or not the merchant successfully captured payment information from the customer for the post-purchase offer.

  • If the post-purchase transaction was successful, then you'll see an additional transaction in the Order, and the whole order will be marked as paid.
  • If the post-purchase transaction was failed, then the upsell product will be added, but there will be no additional transaction in the Order and order status will be partially paid.

In this case, the customer receives a special email from Shopify with an explanation that they added a product to the order, but didn't pay for it yet. The email will include a link they can click to pay for it. This email will be sent by Shopify automatically for these cases.

On the merchant side, it will show as a partially paid order because the offer was accepted (without successful payment) and the Order was updated. Merchants can then handle the order any way they want such as:

  • Collect payment
  • Edit the order to remove the unpaid item
  • Refund the order

Since Shopify hasn't added the payment failure information on Orders yet, it's recommended to contact Shopify Support with affected order numbers for more details about that if needed.

In the example below, the customer received an error message when trying to add the post-purchase offer. The order is still Edited to include the item, but a "Checkout link for payment collection" is generated and the "Order edit invoice" emailed to the customer with the link and message included in it:

⚠️ If the customer checks out using only a Phone Number (no Email address entered) then the "Order edit invoice" email which includes the payment link will not be sent by Shopify. The current recommendation is to copy the "Checkout link for payment collection" and Text it to the customer instead.

⚠️ Make sure that the customer has actually paid for the un-paid upsell offer before fulfilling the order.

Order Tags

Your Orders which contain a pre-purchase offer, post-purchase offer(s) and/or both can easily be found in your Shopify admin Orders area by searching for the following tags there:

  • OCU Zipify Post-Purchase Upsell Bought
  • OCU Zipify Pre-Purchase Upsell Bought

Once you define the search and/or filtering options in the Orders section, you are then able to (optionally) export that data for your specific search criteria to a CSV/Excel file using the "Export" option available for Shopify Orders.

Post-purchase Upsell Shipping Cost

When adding a one click post-purchase upsell offer to an Upsell Funnel, you are also able to set how much extra shipping you want charged for the offer.

The "Shipping Rate Title" and Cost you set there is what will determine the Rate Name for the post-purchase offer on the Order Confirmation page, the Order Confirmation email the customer receives and on the Order invoice in your Shopify admin.

The "Charge per unit" setting can be enabled if you want the shipping cost you specify to charge per-unit that the customer buys. I.e. if enabled and the shipping cost is set to $2.50 and the customer buys 2 units (quantity) then they would be charged $5.00 in upsell shipping.

In the example below, the "Shipping Rate Title" for the post-purchase offer was set as Upsell Shipping and the cost was for $1.99

📝The post-purchase upsell shipping cost is listed as a separate line item for Shipping in the Order details.

Free Shipping Threshold

Adding one click post-purchase upsell/downsell offers has no effect on the Shipping cost for the initial checkout order.

For example: If a customer enters Checkout with a Total below the Free Shipping threshold you've set for your store, but then adds a post-purchase offer that takes the "Total" for the order above the Free Shipping threshold, it will not update the initial checkout order's shipping price to be Free.

The initial checkout order is considered "completed" before the one click post-purchase offers are presented, so there isn't a way to remove what's already been charged at Checkout. There is only a way to add extra shipping if your post-purchase offer page(s) charge additional shipping (see above).

For the one click post-purchase upsell/downsell offers, you can either choose "Free Shipping" or "Charge for Shipping" when setting up the offer pages.

Please reach out to us in support if you have any questions we can help answer!

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