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Advanced Frequently Asked Questions [Zipify Pages]
Advanced Frequently Asked Questions [Zipify Pages]
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How can I leverage Search Engine Optimization with Zipify Pages?

Zipify Pages has built-in features to help optimize your pages for SEO. You can set meta titles and descriptions, add alt tags to images, and customize URLs to include keywords.

Additionally, you can add tracking codes and scripts from 3rd party platforms to track traffic and conversions via the Additional Scripts feature.

Is there a way to hide my pages from search engines?

If you want to hide your pages from search engines, you can do so by selecting the "Hide from Shopify's store search" option in the page builder under Settings > General:

I want my pages to load quickly, how does Zipify optimize my pages for speed?

Zipify Pages uses a variety of techniques to optimize your pages for speed, including:

  • Optimizing images for size and quality

  • Minifying CSS and JavaScript

  • Leveraging browser caching

  • Using a content delivery network (CDN)

How does Zipify Pages leverage SEO?

Zipify Pages leverages SEO with features that include customizable URLs, meta titles, meta descriptions, title tags for text, alt tags for images, open graph properties, mobile responsiveness and image optimization to help optimize landing pages for search engines and improve visibility and sales.

What analytics are included in Zipify Pages?

Zipify Pages uses the Zipify Analytics app pixel to track a variety of analytics to help you track the performance of your pages, including:

  • Page views

  • Unique visitors

  • Revenue

  • Conversion rate

  • Transactions

  • Average Order Value

For more detailed information about the Statistics section in Zipify Pages, click here.

How can I apply additional HTML, CSS and JavaScript code to my pages made in the app?

You can add Additional Scripts to your pages in the following ways:

1. Using the </>Scripts feature for Zipify Pages, which allows you to add code both Globally (applied to all pages) or Locally (on a per-page basis) to either the Header or Footer of the page. Please see this article for more details

2. By using the HTML Block, which you can find out more about by clicking the link.

Can I publish my Zipify Pages to an outside domain?

At this time there isn't a way to publish pages to another domain separate from your current domain.

Any landing pages published through the Zipify Pages app will be published to the /pages section of your Shopify store. This means those pages will inherit the primary domain of your store, just like any other Shopify pages.

How do I upload custom fonts to Zipify Pages?

Zipify Pages has an "Upload Custom Fonts" option available in the Zipify Pages app so you can upload your font files if you have a supported types (.woff or .woff2).

Just go to the Settings > General > Appearance section and click the "choose file" button there as seen here:

After that, find the font file(s) on your computer and select them for upload. Once that’s done and they upload and import successfully, the fonts will be available for use within the Text editor!

Can I convert a Landing page to a Product page, or turn a Product page into a Landing page?

This can’t be done, but there is a workaround! If you want to make Landing page in to a Product page or vice versa, create a new version of the type of page you want to create, and then copy the blocks from the original page with the Existing Sections feature.

Will Zipify Pages work with the apps already installed on my store?

While we cannot guarantee that Zipify Pages will work with every app on your store, we do offer several integrations with other apps that add a variety of extra functionality to your pages!

For more information about these integrations, click here.

For more information about CRMs / ESPs that are supported by Zipify Pages, click here.

What if my app/CRM/review service isn’t supported by Zipify Pages?

If your app, CRM, or review service isn’t officially supported by Zipify Pages, you may still be able to add the functionality with a workaround via our HTML Block, or with the instructions in our Advanced Work With Buy Box Blocks tutorial.

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