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Funnels Overview

The main goal of the OCU app is to increase your store's Average Order Value (AOV) by making relevant and targeted upsell offers to your customers that are complementary to the product(s) they've just bought. If you can get each customer to add just one extra product to their order, your AOV will skyrocket! 🚀

To get started, access the Upsell Funnels section by clicking on the funnel icon from the left-side navigation menu:

In the Upsell Funnels section of the app, you can do the following:

  • Add New Upsell Funnels

  • Work within Funnels you've created to add Upsell/Downsell offers

  • Access funnel Actions such as Funnel Properties, Duplicate, and Delete

  • Disable/Enable a Funnel using the Status switcher

  • Set Funnel Priority if you have 2 or more Upsell Funnels created

  • View Post-purchase, Pre-purchase, and TY Page funnel Statistics separately

Adding a New Upsell Funnel

To add a new Upsell Funnel, follow the quick and easy steps below:

1. Click the "Add New Funnel" button in the top-right corner.

2. Give your new funnel a unique Name. By default, your first new funnel will be named "New Funnel 1".

3. Add your "Trigger Product" conditions and the Offer(s) you'd like made.
* For more information about Trigger types and conditions, click here.

4. Click the "Publish Funnel" button once you're ready to go live!
📝After you publish your first upsell funnel, the OCU app will be automatically enabled.

Changing The Name Of Your Funnel

📝The Name of your upsell funnel can be changed at any time by clicking on the ✏️ icon next to the name at the top of the Funnel Builder:

Funnel Priority

In most cases, OCU will use only one Upsell Funnel per customer order. Once you have two or more Upsell Funnels created, you can set the Priority for them.

You can create multiple Upsell Funnels, and there is no limit to the number of funnels you can create or the triggers you add to each one. Customers can also add multiple different products to their cart, with each one being a trigger product for a different funnel you’ve created.

OCU uses funnel priority logic when the cart contains two or more trigger products from different funnels. If this is the case, OCU will use the trigger product associated with the funnel with the highest priority for the order.

📝There is the scenario where the funnel that is used for post-purchase offers can change if the customer adds your pre-purchase offer, which is also a trigger product for a different funnel with a higher priority. In that scenario, the funnel with the higher priority is used to show post-purchase offers instead of the original funnel, which triggered the pre-purchase offer showing.

To change the funnel priority:

1. Click the "Change Priority" button.

2. Drag the Upsell Funnel rows into the desired order.

3. Once finished, click the "Done" button.

4. Click the "Yes" button in the "Save Priority Order?" popup to confirm the change.

Upsell Funnel Status

The Status column shows whether a particular upsell funnel is published/enabled or not. A published funnel works immediately on your store if the OCU app is also in an enabled state.

To publish an unpublished funnel OR to unpublish a published funnel, simply click on the Status switcher for a particular funnel:

You can do the same action from within an Upsell Funnel as well by clicking on the "Publish Funnel" or "Unpublish Funnel" button respectively:

Upsell Funnel Actions

The following Actions are available for Upsell Funnels you've created:

  • Edit Funnel: Go into the funnel to add new offers or edit existing offers. You can also do this by clicking directly on the Funnel Name.

  • Edit Properties: Change the Trigger Type (Product/Collection) or Funnel Name of your Upsell Funnel.

  • Duplicate Funnel: Make an exact copy of the Upsell Funnel

  • Delete Funnel: Delete the Upsell Funnel(s) if no longer needed
    📝You will need to confirm the delete action in the "Delete Funnel?" pop-up that is shown to complete this action.

I've created my first upsell funnel, what's next?

Now that you've created a funnel, you'll want to add trigger products to it! Click here to learn more.

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