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All your Frequently Asked Questions About OCU (FAQ) [OCU]
All your Frequently Asked Questions About OCU (FAQ) [OCU]

If you've got questions, we've got answers! Continue reading to find out what newbies need to know about OCU!

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Introduction to OCU

Hi there, and welcome to OneClickUpsell, we’re so happy you’re here! If you are just getting started with the app and have a ton of questions, then don’t worry, we’ve got the answers! We’ve linked to several of our detailed help documents, and if you still need help then our dedicated Merchant Support Team can be reached within our in-app chat or by email!

Let’s get started!

Is there a free trial available to test out OneClickUpsell?

Yes! OCU comes with a 30-day free trial through the Shopify app store. You can start your trial here.

  • There are absolutely no fees

  • Risk-free for 30 days

  • Full app access including Pre-Purchase, 1-Click Post-Purchase, In-Checkout (Shopify Plus) & Thank You Page upsell offers

What if I need help along the way? Will I receive tech support?

While we hope to answer a lot of your questions here with links to our super detailed tutorials along the way, we also have a wonderful support team you can access within our in-app chat or email! Reach out to us anytime if you have any questions!

Funnels and Offers

An upsell funnel is a series of offers strategically placed throughout your customer's journey. OCU has many creative solutions that help trigger and display the best products to your customers throughout the upsell funnel.

What is a Trigger?

A “Trigger” is a term we use to identify the store product(s) or cart condition(s) that cause a particular Upsell Funnel to be displayed. You get to select your Trigger Conditions and which offers they display each time you create or edit a new Upsell Funnel. Check out this help doc for more information on setting up funnel conditions and triggers.

Can I set all of my products as a trigger?

We don’t limit the number of funnels you can create! You can set up a funnel for each of the products on your store. You can also set the funnel to trigger based on if a product is in a specific collection, the number of items in the cart, the total value of the items in the cart, or even your customer's location!

What if a customer adds several different funnel trigger products to the cart?

If an order contains multiple OCU trigger products, the upsell funnel that will be shown to the customer is determined by the Funnel Priority setting. In this case, the trigger product associated with the funnel with the highest priority will determine what is shown to your customer.

How many pre-purchase offers can I show to a customer per order?

You can present 1 pre-purchase upsell popup on the Cart Page and/or on the Product page. The pre-purchase offer can contain multiple products as well! Click here to learn more about multi-product offers.

How many one-click post-purchase offers can I make to a customer per order?

You can present a maximum of 2 post-purchase offers per order (i.e. you can either present two consecutive upsells, or one upsell followed by one downsell).

Upsell 1 from the funnel will be shown first. If the customer buys Upsell 1, then Upsell 2 will be shown next. If the customer declines Upsell 1, then your Downsell will be shown next instead of Upsell 2.

We recommend adding all 3 post-purchase offers to your funnel to maximize AOV. Click here to check out a sweet diagram of the offer sequence that we made for you!

What is the difference between an upsell and a downsell?

An upsell is an offer for more products after the initial purchase, either at a discounted rate or as a part of a bundle. A downsell is an offer shown if a customer has declined the first upsell. Typically, the downsell is a lower-priced option compared to what you've just offered.

Can I show an upsell offer on the Shopify Checkout page?

Shopify Plus merchants with “Checkout extensibility” enabled can offer In-Checkout offers. Please check out our help document, or reach out to our Support team for more information.

Can I show an offer on the Shopify Order Confirmation Page?

You can! We have high-converting Thank You Page offers that can be configured to Show on the Shopify TY Page (Order Confirmation). Check out this article for more about how those offers work.

What is the difference between a Post-Purchase offer and a Thank You Page offer?

A Post-Purchase offer can be accepted with one click - the customer does not have to re-enter their payment information a second time. If the customer accepts a Thank you Page offer, they will be redirected back to the final page of the Shopify checkout to re-enter their payment information to make the purchase.

Will you build this out for me?

Solo entrepreneurs find our intuitive design, knowledge base, and AI recommendations (in beta) so well done they go the DIY route. Larger teams tend to have a team member delegated to build OCU upsells. You can also enlist the assistance of an Account Manager on our OCU Plan for expert strategy and ongoing funnel optimization planning.

What is OCU Plus? Click here for details and pricing.

Working with Shopify Orders

Once you've got all your funnels set up, you'll probably be wondering how it all works and how adding OCU might affect your current Shopify flow. Let's talk about it!

Do Post-Purchase offers get added to the original order or are new orders created?

All post-purchase offers are added to the original Shopify order through Shopify’s edit order API. So you and your customers don’t have to worry about managing multiple orders or shipments.

So how does it work if I have auto-fulfillment setup to fulfill my order once it’s complete?

Shopify’s Fulfillment API puts the order on hold and releases it automatically once the post-purchase sequence is finished. This means OCU will work smoothly with most 3rd party fulfillment apps as long as they are using the Shopify Fulfillment API. Learn more.

If the customer doesn’t want the post-purchase upsell (closes their browser window after the initial checkout), can I lose my initial sale?

No. The one-click post-purchase offer is shown only after the customer has already completed their initial purchase, so you can never lose your initial sale!

Can the customer bypass the post-purchase offer funnel?

Yes. The customer can bypass the post-purchase funnel at any time by clicking the "View order confirmation >" link included at the top of each post-purchase offer page. The customer can also simply close their browser window or tab after completing the initial checkout order.

Can the customer’s payment be declined when accepting the post-purchase offer?

Yes. There are a number of reasons why the customer’s payment can be declined. In that case, the post-purchase offer will still be added to the order and you’ll have an opportunity to collect payment from the customer through a payment URL. More details on what happens with Partially Paid orders are here.

Do Discount codes applied to the Shopify Checkout affect the one-click post-purchase Upsell/Downsell product price?

No. The Discount code applied at Shopify Checkout applies to the item(s) included in the Checkout only. Post-purchase offer page(s) have their own "Discount" functionality which can be applied on a page-by-page basis, for each page separately.

Anything I need to know about payment gateways?

Product page widget and Pre-Purchase offers are added to the original cart and can be paid for using any payment method available on your Shopify Checkout.

Post-Purchase offers are designed so that the customer does not have to enter their payment information a second time to accept the offer.

This means we are limited to Shopify’s supported payment methods which can be tokenized: Direct Credit Processors, Shopify Payments, Shop Pay and PayPal Express. More information on what’s supported for Post-Purchase offers can be found here.

Thank you Page offers are added to the final page of the Shopify checkout to be paid for. This means the customer can pay for that item using any payment method that is available on your Shopify checkout.

What about Shopify Gift Cards?

If the customer pays for their entire order using a Shopify Gift Card, no post-purchase upsell offers can be shown at this time because Shopify does not yet support it. If the Gift Card doesn't cover the Total and the customer uses a Credit Card to pay for the remaining balance, then post-purchase upsell offers will be shown.

What if I’m selling to different countries?

If your customer's order is charged in a currency that is not your main currency or duties have been charged on that order, post-purchase & TY Page offers will be skipped. This is a limitation of Shopify’s checkout. Click here for more information.

What about purchase tracking? Is the main purchase still tracked on the Shopify Order confirmation page?

For natively integrated analytic services that use the Shopify Pixel API (such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Pinterest and Snap) the purchase event and value for the initial purchase will be recorded when the first post-purchase page loads.

For all other tracking services, you can use the additional scripts field of the Shopify admin to add scripts to the Post-Purchase offer page. You’ll have to update your order status scripts when you do this and we have lots of details about that here.

Does that mean I can track the purchase of Post-Purchase offers too?

Yes. With the "Post-purchase page" additional scripts field within Shopify, it is possible to track post-purchase offer conversions back to 3rd party analytics. More details.

Other stuff people ask about

Some questions go beyond the basics, and we’ve gathered the ones we hear the most below.

How will I get the Bonus 14-email sequence and when will I get access to them?

You should receive the sequence after your 30-day trial for OCU is completed.

You will need some sort of email service provider (ESP) or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

I want to use OCU, but I’m just getting started launching my business– is it a good idea to purchase OneClickUpsell if I have a new website?

Absolutely! OCU can help you increase average order value immediately so you get the full value from every customer, right from the start.

A significant amount of my business comes from customers on mobile devices, Is OneClickUpsell mobile responsive?

Yes. In addition to desktops and laptops, OCU works seamlessly on tablets and smartphones as well.

I’ve got OCU and it’s great, but I want to use another post-purchase app on my store at the same time to see how they compare, can I do that?

Only one post-purchase app can work on your Shopify Checkout at a time. To make OCU your active post-purchase app, select "One Click Upsell - Zipify OCU" in your Shopify admin "Checkout" settings. More details here

Are there other apps that might interfere with OCU?

There is a pre-purchase upsell incompatibility issue between OCU and apps that auto-apply discounts (Vitals, Revy, Route, etc) because they work with cart updating and discounts. We suggest using either OCU pre-purchase upsells or a different bundle/pre-purchase app instead for pre-purchase offers on your store. You can still use one-click post-purchase upsell offers and the TY Page offer in both cases.

I'm on Shopify Plus and have edited my checkout.liquid file. Will Javascript, CSS or liquid customizations I've added work on the post-purchase offer page(s)?

No. Code customizations that are applied to the checkout.liquid file will not be inherited by the post-purchase page(s).

My store has a "headless" Shopify build and implementation, will OCU work with that setup?

Yes and no. OCU post-purchase and TY Page offers will work with a headless implementation, since they're an extension of Shopify Checkout. Pre-purchase offers won't work though, as that offer type can only be triggered on a Shopify storefront.

Can I upsell hidden products so customers can’t find the product in my store?

Products have to be active and visible in your Online Store channel to be used as trigger products and upsells in OCU. However, we do have a workaround, click here for details in this helpful article!

Can I use a subscription product as a trigger product? Or how about as a post-purchase offer?

Yes, you can! Initial orders that include a subscription product purchased on the Shopify Checkout will be shown one-click post-purchase offers that have a “one-time” product option.

As for post-purchase offers, subscription products from the "Shopify Checkout Integration" version of supported subscription apps can be offered as one-click post-purchase upsells, as long as the initial checkout order doesn't already contain a subscription product. Click here for additional details.

Can I post-purchase upsell a physical product if only a digital product is purchased at checkout?

Yes, technically you can. However, in this situation, the customer's shipping address wouldn't be captured at checkout so you wouldn't know where to ship the physical upsell product to, so we don't recommend that. Instead, it's recommended to only use digital products as offers for upsell funnels where digital products are added as triggers.

Can you explain to me how billing works for my OCU subscription?

Absolutely! We have a detailed help document that covers how billing works for OCU, Click here for more details.

Can I use OCU on multiple Shopify stores?

Your subscription to OneClickUpsell is good for use on only one Shopify store. If you want to use OCU on multiple Shopify stores you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions.

What if it turns out OCU isn’t what I expected?

OneClickUpsell comes with a 30-day free trial. If you're not delighted with the app, simply delete it from your store before the trial ends and you won't be charged.

What if my store isn’t using the Shopify platform, does OneClickUpsell work on eCommerce platforms other than Shopify?

No. OneClickUpsell is an application exclusively for the Shopify platform.

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